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PLEASE NOTE! New mechanism design no longer has a press button release. Pressure fit bearings are used instead.


Other pommels are available on request

Cane Sword Walking Stick

PriceFrom £270.00
Excluding VAT
    • Available sword lengths - 36-42"
    • Overall length +1.5inch for scabbard
    • Blade made from plastizote foam and latex
    • Hilt cast from semi flexible polyurethane rubber and foam
    • Carbon fibre core to ensure maximum strength whilst maintaining minimum weight

    PLEASE NOTE! There are 2 blade width options. 24mm & 32mm. Some LARP systems may require a bigger striking edge. Our core is 8mm diameter with either 8mm or 12mm foam either side on the striking edge.

    Please check with your LARP system before purchase.

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