Design, 3D printing & CNC Machining Services

Our tools and techniques are at your disposal! 

Whether your prototyping, finalising or just getting a feel for an idea, we offer 2D/3D drawing and design, CNC machining as well as 3D printing. 





Drawing & Design...




From basic concept drawings and fully illustrated hand drawings to computer designed 3D models, Dragon Armoury offer a range of drawing and design options to suit your needs




CNC Machining...



Our 180cm x 80cm machining bed gives ample space for projects large and small. Able to machine a wide range of materials from wood to acrylic plastic




3D Printing...



Our 3D printer has a massive printable area of 12 x 12 x 23.8" and a minimum layer height of 0.01mm making it ideal for large and detailed prints

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