Terms & Conditions


You accept these Terms & Conditions upon purchasing any item or service from Dragon Armoury



All Dragon Armoury products come with a 12 month “fair use” warranty.


Warranties are subject to review based on faults and damage on components and construction under the circumstances of fair use which follows the below criteria:


  • Fair use includes activities which include training, sparring and LARP events where pulled strikes only are used.

  • Dragon Armoury will not cover damage or failures linked to activities based on testing or evaluations with the use of Dragon Armoury products.

  • If after inspection it is deemed that pulled strikes have not been used, Dragon Armoury may refuse any warranty service.

  • Dragon armoury products are only designed to reduce the potential risk of injury but not completely mitigate the potential for damage.

  • Products must be inspected each time before use, and if any damage is detected it must not be used.

  • Dragon Armoury will not cover any injury or losses including financially related to their use in or out of context of ‘fair use’ either inside or outside the UK.




  • If you suspect your item is damaged despite adhering to the “Fair Use” terms, you are to contact Dragon Armoury at askthearmoury@gmail.com with the subject heading “RMA REQUEST”.

  • Please include an accurate description of your action which caused the breakage and include clear photographs of the damage.

  • Also include your Name, Address and Contact Number

  • Dragon Armoury will contact you once we have reviewed your claim with a decision on the appropriate course of action.

  • Dragon Armoury may also ask for the product to be returned prior to a decision being made if the nature of damage to the product cannot be identified exclusively from the photos.

  • If authorised, an RMA number will be sent to you via email with instruction to return the item to us for repair, replacement or credit.

  • Please send items using a tracked and signed for postal service as items lost in transit are not refundable and will need to be claimed against by you.

  • Postage costs are not refunded.

  • Dragon Armoury aim to process RMA’s in 5 working days from day of item receipt.

  • If the RMA requires a full replacement and no item exists in stock, there will be a potential 14 working day period where a replacement is made.



  • For standard web shop orders, you are within your rights to cancel your order prior to shipping for a full refund.

  • This does not apply to custom orders! See further on for information.

Discount Offers


  • Dragon Armoury will occasionally offer discount for its products and services.

  • These discounts are only applicable on shop items. Custom orders are not are not included.

  • Discount can not be applied to existing orders.

  • Only one discount code can be applied per order.

  • Discount promotion codes can only be used when buying direct through the website only and are not applicable to those using the PayPal payment plan.

Custom Work


  • Custom order Ts & Cs can vary based on your requirements and will be issued to you once a base design is aggredd prior to any payment.

Installment Payment Plan - This is NOT a credit agreement! 

We offer a PayPal payment plan where you are able to make payments at your desired frequency until the full payment is received. This is not a credit agreement. You simply make scattered PayPal payments until the full amount is received. The PayPal invoice simply allows us to better track payments.

  • This applies to custom commissions and standard web store items (excluding Ready to Ship items).

  • Minimum installment of £25 per payment.

  • No additional cost is added for this service as standard PayPal charges apply to us.

  • For custom orders the invoice is solely for the item being commissioned and will not include a postage cost due to pricing fluctuations with couriers and unknown variables (i.e. weight of finished item etc) with the item. Postage will be confirmed once your custom order is complete.

  • Standard web store items will include standard postage rates as advertised.

  • For standard web store items your order will not be started until the invoice is paid in full. For custom commissions an agreed start will be based on the value of the commission

  • Paying your invoice in full before the estimated start date will not see your order started early.

  • For custom work, an initial deposit of up to 50% will be required based on commission value before the payment plan is accepted.

  • Payment plan can not be used on conjunction with any promotional discount offers

Event Safety Compliance

One of the most common questions we are asked is “will this pass safety at my event?” The honest answer is, probably but there is no guarantee. Our weapons are made of industry standard materials used by most builders. Our blades are hand cut layers of LD45 foam sheet. This makes them much lighter than cheaper cast blades while keeping a good density. We have many weapons used across the world in so many systems. But with so many variants in game safety regulations from one game to the next it’s impossible to know if one weapon will pass over another. On this basis, you accept that items purchased from Dragon Armoury are not made to any specific safety regulation in mind.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are only redeemable against items sold here on the DragonArmoury.co.uk website and are not redeemable against custom orders. 

Only one code can be used per transaction. 

Vouchers are NOT redeemable against products already discounted in any other promotion. If used on this way, you will be refunded