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RAFFLE ALERT! Orc Chopper up for grabs!

Grettings one and all!

How are things? Hopefully this find you well!

As you know we're in the process of relocating. The costs of said relocation are a tad higher than we predicted. So we've decided to raffle of a sword here and there to help raise funds for the ever expanding costs of this move.

First up, an Orc Chopper!

  • LARP and Cosplay safe.

  • 41" overall length.

  • Weighing in at 300 grams.

  • Foam and latex blade with rubber hilt and carbon core.

The sword is here, made and ready to be shipped to the lucky winner!

Funds raised will go towards the completion of the new studio.

Tickets are £1 per entry.

CLICK HERE FOR THE REFFLE PAGE! As for the new build... It's coming along nicely. Taking much longer then we thought but as they say, it is what it is! We have started production on a new batch of weapons so hopefully these will be up in the shop before the month is out. There is much work to do so we're going to crack on!

Take care of yourselves

All the best

The DART crew <3

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