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We have relocated! We have expanded! But most of all, WE ARE STILL HERE!

So, what’s been going on........ Good question!

There are many an intricate detail and side story in accumulation but, long story short...

The land that the old Dragon Armoury workshop is built on is up for sale. The land owner had sadly passed away and it was decided by the family that it was time to sell up. The down side to this, a few years ago we we’re given permission to build our workshop on the land which was amazing but, this now means we must take it back down to very earth it was built upon and vacate.

Now the biggest issue we faced was finding a suitable place to move to. Ultimately, we must expand as our current space was far too small for our needs and did nothing but hinder progression. Of course, this meant looking at bigger units which come with a bigger price tag!

Given the very short time frame to vacate and the total lack of any availability of units within our reach we we’re almost of the mind to close shop. Until.......


A very good friend of ours, Richard (hero) made mention of his need to working space. This led to conversations about a space share. Which further led to a realisation that both our businesses together have an immense potential for greatness! Rich is the owner of Reality Tech. A tech-based company which specialises in telecoms, security, microelectronics, I.T. infrastructure and engineering to the events and media industry. With Dragon Armoury and Reality Tech joining forces, the creations for all industries including the movie industry could be something epic!

So, we had the idea, then we found the perfect unit, then we paid some money, got the keys and now its full steam ahead of the construction of our new home...

D.A.R.T Labs!

The Dragon Armoury and Reality Tech merging has begun (in trading name only for now). There is a ton of work ahead of us. And speed is essential! Rooms to build. Workspace to build. Storage areas. I.T. and telecoms setup. Plenty of tea, coffee and hot chocolate to be drunk... And biscuits, don’t forget those!

Once at a functional state, DA will carry on where it left off with outstanding orders and building new stock for LARP, Cosplay, Masks and 3D models. RT already has events planned for the year and are building kit in preparation including a potential full solar security system setup for an old fort.... More on that later! We aim to be back up and running within a month (all things crossed)!

The road ahead is long and treacherous but prevail we will!

As always, we are forever grateful for your kindness, patience, support and very loyal appreciation for our craft. We hope this new future will inspire and bring joy to all of you!

Be safe. Look out for each other. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need to... We are here!

Much Love...

Jay, Sam, Rich & Ash

D.A.R.T Labs!

Dragon Armoury – Reality Tech

P.S.... New Mugs!

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